Assessments & Surveys

ProMeridian has designed assessment tools to identify ways to strategically align your business process and products to produce significant business results and outstanding customer service. We can determine the standard deviation and skill gaps for customer-defined core competencies and training needs.  Our assessments and surveys are used to analyze the organization’s effectiveness, quality, and price/performance capabilities.

ProMeridian offers a variety of Assessment and Profile Tools:

    - Consulting Skills Inventory
    - Relationship Management Skills
    - HBDI - Hermann Brain Dominance Instruments
    - Political Skills Assessment
    - Coaching Skills Profile
    - We can build a "customized" Assessment based on your needs

Questionnaires & Surveys:

Our Questionnaires and Surveys yield relevant, quantifiable data that are easy to summarize. Executives and Boards use our surveys to gain immediate feedback on business communications impacting customers or their workforce. Surveys can provide free flow responses regarding levels of satisfaction, strategic initiatives, business needs, focus groups, etc. 


    - We can use your logos or corporate branding
    - Reach unlimited people in a short time
    - Can set start and end dates
    - Determines partial and total number of completed responses
    - Builds involvement and "buy-in" from management and employees
    - Anonymous responses can be captured and may encourage more openness

Individual Interviews:

Individual interviews take a considerable amount of time to schedule and conduct. The ability to response any time from anywhere provides flexibility in gaining valuable information. In addition, the time involved in conducting the interviews, assimilating the information and reporting it back to the customer was very costly. Today, using our system, we can provide a structured Interview Guide with your involvement to determine critical information impacting your ability to be successful, identify and solve problems and drive business results.   


- Identify key contributors and participants
- Provide relevant data
- Allow for clarification
- Can identify information that wouldn't be brought up in a group setting
- May be done anonymously (if desired)

Group Interviews, Focus Groups, Brainstorming:

Creating Interview Guides and a series of questions, we can elicit feedback on topics that are important to our customers. Being able to gather that information quickly and to look at the results by topic or department provides critical insights into how to improve productivity, save time, or address issues that are of concern to the team.


    - Creative input and feedback
    - Saves time and money
    - Provides visibility Real-time sharing of "hot topics"
    - Determines "disconnects"
    - Builds involvement and support
    - May elicit information or issues that have been overlooked