Training & Workshops

Our workshops are customized to meet your needs and delivered in a way to leverage your time and resources.  Our training courses utilize advanced learning techniques to increase the participant's ability to retain, integrate and apply their new skills in the "real world". We offer web-based classes for distance learning and onsite  knowledge transfer.
Our Trainers are business experts that have added training  to their core competencies. ProMeridian Trainers are unique in that they have worked in a variety of industries and have held positions in functional areas of business, including senior management.  They have a variety of training methods in their "tool kit" and utilize several methods throughout the learning experience including lecture, hands-on practical applications, interactive working sessions and team involvement.  

ProMeridian Workshops:

    - Executive Survival Skills™
    - Reinventing Yourself - Leveraging your Experience™
    - Political Survival Skills™
    - Impact your Relationship - HBDI Thinking and Communication Styles™
    - Increasing your Business Value and Personal Success Now™
    - Boot Camp for Internal IT Consultants™
    - StrataWall Group Facilitation:  Getting the Best Out of your Group™
    - Value-Based Consulting - Knowledge that Delivers Results™
    - Setting up your Consulting or Coaching Practice™
    - Establishing Mentorship within your Organization™
    - Managing Expectations - When to say Yes and When to say No™
    - Strategic Life Planning - Creating & Achieving Your Life's Goals™