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For 27 years, ProMeridian has worked with World Class organizations. Our clients are highly successful leaders and companies. They are experts in their business and industries. There is a science and an art to implementing change efforts throughout a business. "Change" is anticipated embraced by their teams. We are experts in integrating business and technology change.

Understanding the big picture as well and the company's long-term goals is the beginning. Revealing the impacts that the change will have on conducting day-to-day business, the financials, and the infrastructure support such as technology and human resources is essential.

Often overlooked is the implementation process itself and the effect it will have on the organization today and in the future.  Highly successful executive teams understand the art of managing the timing, politics, and the communication. 

We have had the privilege to work throughout the United States and in 17 different countries. We understand how important managing corporate culture and the change process is to any business success.  We have a thorough knowledge of managing risk awareness, mitigation and acceptance as it pertains to many areas of your business. We provide executive-level support and can get into the trenches with you and your teams to implement changes that are supported and embraced by your people and your customers.

As we continue to develop our website, we will be making some of our methods, templates and handouts available to you to facilitate your success. Check back with us on a regular basis to see what we may have on our site that will save you time, money and move you from "Good to Great".



Therese A.G. Grayson, CEO
ProMeridian International