Organizational & Business Consulting

ProMeridian works with clients to co-create consulting engagements that meet unique needs and produce tangible results within organizations.  We are experts in implementing business and technology change.  There are many factors that we take into consideration when working with you on our engagements. We look at your organization through many filters:

    - Business and Industry Standards
    - Leadership Styles
    - Communication
    - Organizational Structures
    - Technology – Systems View
    - Corporate and Industry Culture
    - Business Process
    - Infrastructure Support – IT & HR
    - Risk Awareness, Mitigation and Acceptance

Consulting Methodologies:

Applying our Value Based Consulting ™ methodology, we build client relationships and engagements on trust, leadership, and integrity.  We are in the business of transferring knowledge and skill within the consulting process, and encourage our clients to work alongside us, acquiring the expertise that will sustain positive change and growth. 

Meeting client needs beyond the consulting engagement, we offer an integrative and evolving approach to change providing transition support through training and business coaching.  Ultimately, by offering our clients support through implementation, clients consistently produce effective and lasting change. 

ProMeridian specializes in consulting involving:

    - Large System Implementation
    - Board & Leadership Effectiveness
    - Business & IT Portfolio Management
    - Business Process Management
    - Customer Service Initiatives
    - Critical Infrastructure - NSA Compliance
    - Industry Efforts
    - Career Advancement & Exit Strategies

ProMeridian Consultants:

Our consulting team is made up of business professionals that have content expertise in their industries and functional business areas.  In addition, we have acquired outstanding skills in consulting methods, process and tools.