Creative Uses for the StrataWallTM

Brainstorming - collect many ideas quickly. Organize and prioritize on the fly.

Business Strategy Sessions - list mission, goals, strategies, and develop action plans.

Process Work - identify and display the process involved in a systems approach to product or service delivery.

Organizational Structuring - design new organizations using the StrataWall. It can be used to display functions, departments, work types, structure options, etc.

Software Development - software developers can identify the flow of the system requirements, identify critical links and success factors in the development of their systems.

Meeting Facilitation - lead meetings and project discussions using the StrataWallTM to keep the meeting flowing. Displaying the agenda, key points and information exchange provides participants with a real-time look at the progress and creative approach to meeting their objectives.

Academic Institutions - use to facilitate curriculum development, college and career planning, class team projects as well as to display art or class work, presentations, and parent/teacher conference materials.

Presentation Flow - outline and evaluate your presentation for flow, grammar and eye appeal.

Creative Design Work - display different types of media. Perfect for viewing, what if, making changes.

Advertising Firm - to display portfolio contents, ad campaigns, photo displays, etc.

Sales Promotions - display items, photos, list the promotion description.

Trade Shows - provide information and marketing materials about your company and your products.

Kids/Families - display special event calendars, school work, posters; design family vacations, life plans and financial planning projects.
Brainstorming - collect many ideas quickly. Organize and prioritize on the fly.