StrataWall FAQ's:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a StrataWallTM in my meetings?

  • Ideas and information can be organized quickly
  • Different learning and communication styles are used
    • Visual
    • Auditory
    • Experiential
  • Ideas and information can we organized quickly
  • "Buy-in" is created for the outcomes of the session
  • People are engaged in the activity and the process
  • Participant ideas are shared and acted upon equally during brainstorming sessions
  • Information can be easily transferred to document formats
  • Can be used almost anywhere
  • Eliminates whiteboards and awkward flip chart stands

What is included in the StrataWallTM kit?

  • 4 1/2' x 11 1/2' portable StrataWallTM Hanging Wallspace
  • Planning Supply Kit
    • Scented Watercolor markers
    • Push pins and container
    • 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" paper in a variety of colors
  • Black StrataWallTM Carrying Case w/shoulder strap

What methods of planning work best with StrataWallTM?

Our consultants have utilized the StrataWall for various types of planning since 1989. Our planning methods incorporate the use of the StrataWall to save time, effectively organize information, and have fun during the planning process. If you're interested in learning more about the methodology used, call us at (480) 346-1500.

Our customers tell us they have used the StrataWallTM for a variety of planning. Some of these include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Life Planning
  • Project Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Sales Presentation - Flow
  • Product Planning

What colors are available in the StrataWallTM?

ProMeridian has conducted extensive research into the impact of color for participants utilizing the StrataWallTM. While other colors may appear pleasant to the eye, our research indicates maximum benefits occur using blues and purples. Should you wish to color customize your StrataWall order, please call us or email us to discuss your needs.

Are there different size StrataWallsTM?

The StrataWallM was designed with flexibility in mind. StrataWallTM can be sized to fit any wall with a minimum of 2' x 4 ½' up to 4 x 11 ½'. Because the StrataWallTM can be hung with push pins or tape, you can fold the StrataWallTM to fit your needs.

How do I reorder?

To reorder supplies or to purchase more StrataWallsTM, you can either place an order now by clicking on the "Order Now!" link located at the top of this page or you can call us (480) 346-1500.

Can I order separate components of the StrataWallTM Kit?

Yes. For your convenience we are now offering the option to purchase the StrataWallTM Kit components individually. Please refer to the Order Now! link for specific information.

How soon will my StrataWallTM order arrive?

Under normal circumstances you can expect to receive your StrataWallTM order within 7 to 10 business days. Our orders are shipped UPS ground to provide you with quality and timely delivery. No over seas of Air deliveries. If you have special needs, please email us at or contact us at (480) 346-1500.

How do I start using the StrataWallTM?

When you receive your StrataWallTM Kit, take out the contents and unfold your StrataWallTM. Take the StrataWallTM into a well-ventilated area (preferably outside) and hang the wall or lay it on the ground. Spray the cloth, holding the can approximately 6 inches from the surface. Completely cover the surface of the material. Once the StrataWallTM has been treated, it can be used immediately. The surface will last for several uses. Reapply the spray when needed.

How do I care for my StrataWallTM?

The StrataWallTM can be machine washed by itself on the gentle cycle with a liquid detergent and simply hung to dry. Do not put your StrataWallTM in the dryer. The heat from the dryer may cause damage. When packing your StrataWallTM, fold the treated sides together to prevent lint and other dirt accumulation.

Are there any traveling tips you can share?

The StrataWallTM was designed for travel in and out of the United States. We created the StrataWallTM to be lightweight and easily folded to store in your own personal suitcase or it can be carried in the handy travel case provided. Treating your StrataWallTM with the spray prior to travel will save you time upon arrival at your meeting site and be one less item to pack. Due to aerosol spray restrictions on air travel, it is highly recommended that you pre-treat the StrataWallTM prior to travel.