What's a StrataWall?

What is included in the StrataWallTM kit?

4 1/2' x 11 1/2' StrataWall Hanging Workspace (adjustable)

Planning Supply Kit 

Scented Watercolor markers in a variety of colors

Push pins and container

5 ½" x 8 ½ " paper in a variety of colors

Black StrataWall Carrying Case w/shoulder strap






What's a StrataWallTM?

StrataWallTM also known as Magic WallTM is a powerful tool for gathering ideas quickly and organizing information. It is great for brainstorming sessions where ideas flow fast and furious. This unique product allows ideas to be written down once, posted and rearranged without having to rewrite or erase your thoughts.
No more white boards or awkward flip chart stands. It turns an ordinary wall into a convenient and manageable work surface.

It was created with traveling in mind. No more worrying about finding supplies or carrying heavy or bulky materials. StrataWallTM easily fits in your garment bag. You simply unfold the StrataWallTM from its convenient carrying case and attach it to any surface. Your portable wall is specially treated so that different types of paper stick to it and can easily be picked up and repositioned. StrataWallTM protects your walls and creates space you never knew you had!

Easy to Use:

It's compact and portable. Adjustable size up to 4.5' x 11.5'.
No tools or assembly required.
It's reusable, lightweight and holds a variety of paper types and sizes.

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