Consulting Quotes:

"PMI taught us how to be better alliance partners and to work at the senior level of our client base. ProMeridian provided outstanding knowledge transfer on 3 specific client engagements resulting in an Enterprise Security Strategy with NSA approved Data Classification for major customer systems. PMI also delivered exceptional results on Data Integration projects and enterprise level business process implementations. I would highly recommend Therese Grayson and ProMeridian for projects that integrate business and technology portfolios."   

Chief Technology Officer, Sirius Computer Solutions


"The implementation of the PHOENIX Customer Relationship System was just short of remarkable. Our business is infinitely more complex and encompassing today, and this success couldn't have been achieved without you."

GM, Salt River Project


"Thank you for bringing the technical and marketing professionals together to jointly create an Internet delivery strategy for American Express. The session was outstanding and the deliverables exceeded our expectations."   

VP of Marketing, American Express  

"Your ability to assist us in jointly creating a strategic plan to support the FBI's top three priorities and support the community programs in Arizona was outstanding. We have action plans we can implement and we can measure the value that we can deliver to our members and our communities. We moved light years ahead with your facilitation and  knowledgeable."

Board Member, FBI - CAA

“Your research, analysis, and insights have been very instrumental in affecting lasting change at Target.  As a result, we have more timely, consistent and reliable data that positions us to make better decisions.  People with the responsibility have the authority and the information to drive and achieve business results.  We are starting to reap the rewards of all your tireless work on this project. Thank you!”

VP - Store Operations, Target Store

The strategic planning process at Dial was effective and fun using your methodology.  Thank you for sharing your international experience, business acumen, and political savvy.”

International Director - Asia, Consumer Products Division

Thank you for your involvement on the outsourcing project.  Your customer insight, industry knowledge and consulting skills have been instrumental in moving us forward. This could serve as a terrific model for the right way to approach business in the future with multiple organizations.”

Director of Systems Solutions, IBM Global Ervices

“The service we received was first rate!  I am impressed with your organizational skills, technical expertise, and detailed industry knowledge.  I would highly recommend you.  Your integrity and professionalism shows!” 

Senior Vice President, Woodman of the World Life Insurance Society

“Therese Grayson’s lecture on ‘Recreating Competitiveness’ was outstanding!  The feedback was extremely positive and several attendees indicated that she was the best speaker they have ever heard.  I was impressed by her people-first management style, and how sincerely she practices and preaches it.  She brought a more real and sharper dimension to strategy planning and implementing.”  

American Graduate School of International Management