Executive & Personal Coaching

Business leaders around the world are recognizing and investing in coaching as a proven method to produce significant outcomes impacting individual and organizational performance. They utilize coaching as a way to realize even higher goals, skills and performance.     

What types of people utilize ProMeridian Coaching? Top Level Executives?                          

    -Top Level Executives
    -Boards/Senior Management Teams
    -Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
    -Individuals Seeking a Higher Level of Business and Personal Result 

ProMeridian Coaching Focus:

Our coaches provide objectivity, confidentiality and a global perspective in partnering with executives to meet their personal and business goals.  We focus on building leadership skills, organizational trust and business integrity within the individual and their organization.  Integrating an individual’s unique strengths and attributes and their professional knowledge-base produces outstanding results for the individual, their business, and their community.

We coach individuals or teams on site, over the phone/email or using technologies such as webcast, bridgelines, etc.     

What makes ProMeridian Coaches unique?

ProMeridian Coaches are seasoned professionals that in addition to their area of business specialty and management experience have acquired coaching methodologies. Enlisting coaches that earnestly challenge individuals creates opportunities for personal growth and the exposure of possibilities not yet considered.  We select and match clients with coaches based upon business acumen, stylistic considerations, and business needs.   

What are the coaching benefits?

    -Exposure to outside expert perspectives and a sounding board
    -Confidentiality that provides a basis for real solutions
    -New competency development
    -Creation of higher-level executive skills
    -A balanced business and personal lifestyle
    -Cost effective avenues for personal growth, mentoring and advancement