Training & Workshop Quotes:

Probably the best and most useful workshop I've had in 12 years. Materials and presentation were excellent. All information was substantive, interesting, and useful.

This is one of the few workshops I've attended where I didn't become fatigued or sleepy. It was great from start to finish. The day went too fast.

WOW! "Techies" with enhanced political savvy and sales skills. Outstanding.

Thanks for the innovative ways that we can do our work.

We understand the process and how to implement it within our culture.

You bridge the gap from technical knowledge to business results. Thank you!

ProMeridian's Trainers.... trainers with real life experience....what a concept!

Your customized training aligned with our values and cultures really made this a worthwhile and cost effective workshop. The "buy-in" was a natural by-product.

Ththoroughly enjoyed the day. The sharing of real life experiences made this workshop one of the best I have ever attended.

You not only told us what need to be done, you showed us how to do it. Thanks!

Enjoyed the session a great deal. The information was presented in an interesting fashion.

Learning this information will make me more successful personally and professionally.

Great mix of knowledge, fun, handouts, teamwork and interaction. The day passed by quickly. The presenter had excellent skills.

I liked the real life examples.

The results of the assessment we did before really made this workshop personal and applicable to our daily business life. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of the day.

Your career experience, business sense, integrity, humor and technical knowledge have earned my respect. No small feat!