Mission Statement:

Our mission is to make a positive and powerful contribution to the world by strengthening  the personal and professional skills of leaders.  

Our Contribution:

  • Our products and services enhance the performance and profitability of our clients.
  • Our partners and our deliverables are high quality and price competitive. 
  • We influence and  increase the levels of contribution and success of our clients.

The Desired Results: 

  • Our clients are more successful and reach their goals quickly, saving them time and money. 
  • ProMeridian is highly respected, profitable and actively involved in the community.  
  • We continually provide new and successful products and services.   
  • Our partners lead balanced, prosperous and fulfilling lives.
  • The benefits of having empowered leaders with enhanced skills will be manifested in our communities, organizations and families.

Our Team:
In order to achieve our mission, it is imperative that the ProMeridian team be carefully selected in order to ensure our success.  The following is a list of words that describe personal qualities, skills, or traits that we look for in each individual that works with the ProMeridian team and our clients.

  • Collaborative and inclusive
  • Trustworthy, dependable, and loyal
  • "Excel" philosophy verses compete
  • High personal and professional integrity
  • Life long student, self-motivated and self-directed
  • Politically and organizationally astute
  • High quality person and work
  • Ability to have fun
  • “In-service” attitude towards our clients and the ProMeridian team